Upper Hunter Women in Business

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Connect with other like-minded women in the Upper Hunter.

About Upper Hunter Women in Business

Upper Hunter Women in Business is a network of local women who support each other through positive communication and collaboration. Our community of like-minded regional business women work together to grow not just their businesses, but themselves and their confidence so they can flourish and thrive.

Whether you’re a home-based business or looking to start your own, employed or self-employed, Upper Hunter Women in Business enables you to connect with other women who have been, would like to be or are, in your shoes. Our community of clever women share their knowledge, experience, trials and tribulations, to inspire you and motive you on your own journey.

We encourage you to share your own business, a friend’s business, opportunities, tips, tricks and tidbits to benefit the businesses and lives of those in our network. Women are natural nurturers and it makes sense that we nurture each other so we can all be successful. After all, there’s enough room at the table for everyone.

Upcoming Women in Business Events