Scone’s Andrew Driffield is Seeking Sponsors

Embark on a winning partnership. Your business sponsorship can propel Andrew Driffield towards Paralympic glory. Join his journey of inclusion and make a difference.

Decorated local equestrian and client of LIVMEDIA, Andrew Driffield, is galloping towards a noble goal—to represent Australia at the Paralympic Games as an athlete with an intellectual disability. His recent triumph at the Virtus Global Games in Vichy, France, where he seized two gold medals, is just the beginning of his inspiring journey.

But Andrew needs your support to make his dreams come true and advocate for the inclusion of intellectually disabled athletes on the global stage.

Andrew is on the lookout for partners to back his campaign and be a part of his supportive “team.” With an initial target of $30,000, any assistance is invaluable. He’s specifically reaching out to local businesses, and with rising petrol costs, any help from a fuel company would be a fantastic bonus.

With the first major event looming in February 2024 Andrew needs your support right now. Join forces with him as he strives for inclusion and selection in global games and, ultimately, the Paralympics.